Ryujin65 Production Underway

Hey Miros,

Welcome to our first blog post! We will try to use this platform as an additional method to update you on GB updates run by Miroticaps. Currently, we have received some updates from our manufacturer in regards to production for the Ryujin65! Here's what we have:

What you see above is the top cases of the keyboard. The machining looks very good and we expect to hear more great news going forward. Current estimated lead time for the boards is end of June 2022 (Late Q2 2022).

The next update we have is on the carry cases for the board. We received an update that they were completed and we are extremely pleased with the resulting end product. Here is a look at the case:

We custom made this to have our logo on the zippers and a name tag slot for customers to place their names. Additionally, we included a zipper pouch on the top side of the case and velcro straps in accordance to standard carry cases other keyboards have in the industry.