About Us


Hey there! We are a couple of Canadian university students based in Vancouver, British Columbia with an extreme passion for the custom mechanical keyboard scene. We have both been enthusiasts since 2020 and started this artisan making business early February 2021. Ever since then we have explored different parts of the hobby and creating innovative products for our customers. From designing our first keyboard the Ryujin65 to the Miro Ring, we are excited to bring new things to the table.

Introducting our OC Miro!

Miro's creation was inspired from various things both of us were interested in. We love anime and k-pop, so we wanted to ensure Miro displayed aspects drawn from these two interests. Her short purplish tinted white hair and puffer jacket stem from korean culture. Her overall character design comes from the many animes we've watched over the years all into one character that fits our tastes. If you are interested in making fan art of Miro, above is her character sheet for your reference!